Monday, September 7, 2009

My Baby & My Baby Daddy AKA Movie Stars!

The 48-Hour Film Project hit Savannah last month! Local film crews sign up to participate and they are given 3 elements that must be used in the film, this year it was a cell phone, the line "She said she would be right back" and a name/character, I think it was Michael or Michelle Murray, they then draw genres of film and are given 48 hours to make a 7 minute long film using those 3 elements and genre. This film was done by Perpombellar Productions and they drew the genre mockumentary. Connor's dad knew a lot of people involved in the film and him and Connor got to be extras, his dad was a vampire and Connor was a civilian. They had a lot of fun and Connor now knows that things in movies are fake! The blood is just corn syrup.  This film won Best Acting, Best Writing, Best Directing and Best Movie and will now be going to the National contest in Vegas! 
If you don't like vampire movies please don't watch the clip!

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