Friday, September 18, 2009

Envelope Minis, Slider Cards and Flowers

So I've spent the past week working on a few things here and there. My daughter has a friend who just had a baby and she wanted to make her a little book so we sat down and got to work, I got the idea for the envelope mini from Stephanie -(Steffogal1) who got the idea from Marion. It was a lot of fun to make and I have a feeling I will be using these little envelopes a lot!

I also played around with some flowers that I saw over on Velmas Blog .Velma takes white flowers, inks them and then embosses with Utee. I don't have any white flowers and not a lot of inks either so I just took some color flowers and embossed them with ala modes sparkling emboss powder. I like the way they turned out and the one white flower I had turned out this gorgeous shade of pearl!

I was over at The Scrap Beach today and saw this video that Phoenix made of a mini she made and she had this slider card in it and she provided the link to the tutorial she used so of course I had to try it! The hardest thing about making it was cutting the plastic bag! It kept clinging to my fingers LOL! I will be using this idea a lot in the future, I love it! (You pull the flower on the top and the top and bottom slides out, so cool!)

I am learning so much from all of the blogs I visit, I just don't have enough time in the day to try everything I want to try! There are so many creative people out there!


Phoenix Neuman said...

Hi Savannah! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! :) The envelope mini is super cute! I love the soft colors. And your slider is also really cute! I love the internet, you learn SOO much stuff through it, and I'm glad that I got to share things with fellow scrappers. :) Thanks again for commenting AND for linking to my blog! :) Keep up the great work!

Velma said...

I love how your flowers turned out! So cute and shiney! I love your blog! Velma

Stephanie said...

OOH!! I love how the BABY SHOWER MINI TURNED OUT!! SHE MUST HAVE BEEN THRILLED!! It is so super cute!! :) ta-heee.. how exciting!! :)
and I have to tell you.. your mini's are GORGEOUS!!
with a grin,