Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Endings, Beginnings and The Great In Between

I'm very sad to say that after 3 years in this huge house I will be downsizing to a much smaller place. I'm happy to say that I will be saving tons of money! I will no longer have to worry about the upkeep of this huge yard and I get a chance to decorate my new place in a fresh new look.  I hate moving though....hate packing everything up, hate having to get use to a new place but at the same time it's also exciting. I will be much closer to Connors school, 2 blocks to be exact WOW. It's just scary ya know? It's still the same neighborhood though so I guess that's a good thing.

I will be packing my scrap stuff up tonight :-( I will be packing my kitchen up, I will be packing, packing, packing!  I will also be without internet probably for at least a week...maybe two YIKES I'm going to go into withdrawal not being able to read blogs and watch everyones youtube videos!! Moving next weekend though so hopefully I won't be without for too long.

The last time I moved I was getting a divorce...lol! I'm nervous, trying to decide if I'm making the right decision....I hate when my decisions affect other people. Hopefully it will all be for the best though.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's Alive! (And peeks at my trade minis!)

A week and a half long vacation interrupted by flu, bronchitis, flu ridden child and other mayem! 4 days left of my vacation and I am finally beginning to feel somewhat normal except I have the serious shakes possibly from the medications I'm sure. My breathing is still labored but my chest no longer hurts every time I inhale!

I wanted to quickly post a few pics of my October trade minis that I made for DSC and TWS. Not going to say which is going to who because darn it I want it to be a surprise but they are pretty similar....I really hope the recepients like what I made. I did forget to add fibers so had to run back and add that and I left the charms off  but am sending those along so they can add them :-)  These were supposed to go postal last Friday but my good old flu buddy had other plans! They will be postal tomorrow!!!!