Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She's Alive! (And peeks at my trade minis!)

A week and a half long vacation interrupted by flu, bronchitis, flu ridden child and other mayem! 4 days left of my vacation and I am finally beginning to feel somewhat normal except I have the serious shakes possibly from the medications I'm sure. My breathing is still labored but my chest no longer hurts every time I inhale!

I wanted to quickly post a few pics of my October trade minis that I made for DSC and TWS. Not going to say which is going to who because darn it I want it to be a surprise but they are pretty similar....I really hope the recepients like what I made. I did forget to add fibers so had to run back and add that and I left the charms off  but am sending those along so they can add them :-)  These were supposed to go postal last Friday but my good old flu buddy had other plans! They will be postal tomorrow!!!!


Stephanie said...

Oh yeah! I love this mini!! great project! super cute :) thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more! more more!! ta-hee!
with a grin,

Brandy said...

These minis turned out great! Awesome job!