Monday, October 5, 2009

DSC September Kit Mini Finished (Mostly!)

I'm so excited to be mostly finished with my album! Hang in there with me because this is only my 2nd mini that I have made so I'm still learning from all of you....yes I am a blog/youtube stalker (but in a good way)! One thing I noticed after looking at the photos of my album is that I only inked the edges of one page so all my other pages have grey chipboard edges... I'm going to go back and take care of that! I also have tons of stuff left from the kit! I mean tons...I even have 2 chipboard pages left so I am most likely going to go back and add those pages later.
Lindsay loves this mini so it will be hers, she can go add whatever journaling she wants about her and Connor. I cannot express how very close they are...their relationship is amazing to me and really makes me wish that I had not been an only child. My oldest Travis is close to Connor and Lindsay too but it's not the same, it's almost as of Connor and Lindsay are connected at the very core of their being....their souls are connected.
Anyway here's my mini, I had a lot of fun making it. Thanks for taking a peek!


JadedStudios said...

SO so cute wouldnt be able to tell if you didnt say this was only your second album!!!

Velma said...

I love your mini! Can't believe this is only your second one! You did an awesome job.

Sarah said...

Great Job! Its so cute and I love that little birdie pined to the burlap! I am having major scrap block with this mini! After seeing yours though I think I will continue to try this weekend- hopefully I can have something posted next week:) Again congrats- no telling its only your second one!


Arlene said...

Hey Donna! OMG, your mini is amazing! That is soooooo super sweet how close your daughter and son are. It makes this mini album even more special so they can scrap their memories together and journal them... then look back at it when they are older and cherish those memories of childhood! Great job, I love it!!! hugs, Arlene :-)

Brenda said...

Donna, super cute mini,I love it.